Raw Materials

What is GRP(SMC)?

– Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic(GRP) SMC

- (GRP) Polyester Resin and Chopped Glass Fiber Reinforcement Thermoset plastic is a plastic material that undergoes a chemical reaction in which it is formed into a solid and cannot be reformed

- (SMC) Sheet Mold Compound Sheet Mold Compound is a pre pregnated theromoset that forms under high heat and pressure to eliminate styrene emissions and have a uniform strength and smooth finish

GRP Tanks Features & Benefits

- Quick & Easy to install

- Minimal maintenance required

- Drains completely

- Extremely strong

- Keep clean water clean(no algae or bacterial growth)

- Can be extended or relocated

- Long life (design lift 40 years)

- Excellent resistance to ultra violet light

- Flexible size and configuration